Robotic specialty: orthopaedics

What is robotic total joint repair?

Robotic-assisted joint replacements help surgeons enhance accuracy and minimize the risk of infection while reducing the margin of error.

Robotic-assisted joint repair enables the surgical team to plan for total joint replacement with advanced precision. Using a standard CT scan, a 3D model is made of the patient’s affected area. The model becomes a real-time roadmap for the surgical team as they prepare for the surgery.

During the surgical procedure, the surgeon, who is able to customize and modify the pre-operative plan to achieve the best possible result for the patient, performs the case using a robotic arm for minimal scarring and pain.

UF Health Leesburg Hospital

The Mako® SmartRobotics™ joint replacement surgical system offers the combination of market-leading implants for the hip, knee, ankle and shoulder along with Mako robotic-arm assisted technology.

Mako robot

UF Health The Villages® Hospital

ROSA® Knee supports surgeons in performing total knee arthroplasty with features to assist with bone resections and assessment of soft tissue state to facilitate implant positioning intra-operatively. With ROSA Knee real-time soft-tissue balancing, surgeons can customize resections based on each patient’s soft-tissue and bone structure. Ultimately, ROSA offers surgeons precision and accuracy by enabling more accurate and more reproducible resections than conventional instrumentation.

Rosa knee system