Lifesaving care

Every year, thousands of people from The Villages and the surrounding region are brought to the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at UF Health The Villages® Hospital for lifesaving, minimally invasive cardiac stenting and diagnosis.

Bill Blair was one of those people. While participating in the 64-mile route of the Hearts for Our Hospital Bicycle Challenge, he unexpectedly collapsed on the side of the road. Brian Saluck, a cardiologist, happened to be driving by and stopped to help. Dr. Saluck initiated CPR, and within minutes, emergency responders were at the scene. Bill was taken by ambulance to the emergency department, and Dr. Saluck rushed to the Cardiac Cath Lab to perform the lifesaving procedure.

“It has always been a passion of mine to stay fit and in shape, so this was a huge surprise to me,” Bill said. “The stars aligned for me — I was in exactly the right place when this happened to me. To have Dr. Saluck there saved my life!”

Bill is quick to note that until that fateful day when he needed it, he didn’t know about the high-quality care offered at UF Health The Villages® Hospital and how vital it is. It is important to him that everyone understands the critical role a cath lab plays in saving the lives of people in our communities every day.

UF Health The Villages® Hospital Auxiliary Foundation is raising funds for a $1.4 million heart & vascular center on the hospital’s second floor so that experts can continue to provide world-class cardiac care in a modern, state-of-the-art setting. Watch Bill’s story and be sure to visit our Foundation page to learn more!