Care Delivery Alliance

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What is Care Delivery Alliance, LLC?

Care Delivery Alliance (CDA) is a physician hospital organization (PHO) based in Lake County built on a strategy that supports an independent rather than employed physician alignment and engagement model. Within CDA, physician participants continue to maintain their individual practices. CDA represents the first phase of an evolutionary transition to a clinically integrated network, which gives independent practitioners the added advantage of partnering with other physician and ancillary health providers and the local health system to improve quality and access for their patients while better managing the cost associating with delivering that care.

Our mission is to support our members and hospitals in the provision of quality health care that is efficient, cost-effective, promotes access and improves the health of people in our community.

What is a Physician Hospital Organization?

A Physician Hospital Organization (PHO) is a vehicle that enables hospitals and physicians to work cooperatively toward accomplishing several objectives. Primary purposes for forming a PHO are developing improved methods of health care delivery; overseeing integration of physicians and hospitals into health delivery networks; assisting in voluntary group formation; and collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information. Secondary purposes include contracting with managed care organization with joint risk-sharing, developing standards of care, and building trust between hospitals and independent physicians. PHOs are legal entities generally formed by physicians and one or more hospital.

What are the advantages of a PHO?

  • Provides an organized approach for physicians and hospitals to work together on managed care issues, such as utilization management and quality improvement
  • Fosters collaboration with managed care companies
  • Establishes reimbursement and risk-sharing approaches that align efforts among all physicians
  • Facilitates seamless access to patient health information, reducing fragmentation and providing a full view of your patients’ healthcare experience across the continuum
  • Eases data collection and reporting of quality of performance metrics, as required by commercial payers and governmental agencies

What is a clinically integrated network?

A clinically integrated network is a collection of healthcare providers, including physicians, hospitals, and post-acute care facilities that come together to improve patient care and reduce overall cost. They achieve this by:

  • Working together to establish mechanisms to monitor and control utilization while ensuring quality
  • Sharing information and reporting quality data
  • Caring for a population of patients across the continuum
  • Establishing leadership, trust, cooperation, and a shared vision among its members
  • Relying on evidence-based medicine to improve their collective ability to provide high quality care across the network including:
    • Prevention strategies through wellness initiatives
    • Consistent delivery of acute treatment and ongoing condition maintenance

Why should I join Care Delivery Alliance?

Membership allows you to:

  • Maintain independence while accessing a network that provides information technology support as well as care coordination
  • Better manage patients by reducing gaps in care through population health management software offered by the PHO
  • Distinguish yourself in the market among payers ad a high-quality, low cost provider
  • Gain access to commercial and member data to better manage your patients’ health
  • Benefit from the knowledge and skills shared across the network while also retaining your autonomy and ability to act independently
  • Become part of a network with a shared vision to create a healthcare environment that demands quality, promotes wellness, improves outcomes, eliminates errors and enhances communication
  • Engage patients to participate in their own care
  • Use tools to assist with clinical decision support, medical error reduction and patient safety
  • Participate with risk analysis through:
    • Predictive modeling to identify a segment of your patient population in need immediate intervention
    • Acclimate to the process and eventually accept more risk
    • Medicare alternative payment models


To learn more about the Care Delivery Alliance or to pursue membership, please contact:
Kayla Herman, MHA
Manager, Physician Hospital Organization (PHO)
UF Health Central Florida
Phone: 352.323.3221