Pre-procedure assessment

At the Pre-Procedure Assessment Center (P-PAC), our goal is to ensure you are in your optimal physical and psychological health on the scheduled day of your surgery or outpatient procedure.

The average visit varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour. During your P-PAC interview with one of our registered nurses, you can expect to be asked a variety of questions concerning your medical history, current medical condition, physical condition, surgical history, current medications and allergies. This interview may take place via telephone or may require an in-person visit. If not already done elsewhere, you can expect the nursing staff and our technicians to carry out your physician’s, surgeon’s and/or anesthesiologist’s orders for tests, to include labs, EKG and radiology.

The P-PAC team will provide helpful information about your planned surgery/procedure, hospital routines and protocols, length of stay, and approximate procedure times. A chart with your personalized information will be assembled and forwarded to the appropriate hospital department in anticipation of your surgery/procedure.

Please print and complete the medication list and surgical history documents below to prepare for your telephone screening or in-person visit with the P-PAC nurse. These forms can also be brought with you on the day of surgery, as your pre-op nurse and/or anesthesia provider will ask you to confirm this information.

surgical success starts here

Pre-Operation Health

Personal hygiene and proper medication usage prior to your surgery or procedure lead to excellent outcomes.

the do’s and don’ts

What to Bring

Being prepared for your visit to the hospital can help ensure that your surgery or procedure day is efficient and easy.

know before you go

What to Expect

Undergoing a surgery or procedure at the hospital can feel overwhelming. Follow this helpful guide to know what to expect.